AskAMA - question-answering chatbot
AskAMA – question-answering chatbot

At KareerAdvisor, we recognize the evolving dynamics of digital interaction. Gone are the days when endless browsing was the only way to navigate a website. We believe in offering more intuitive, efficient solutions that reflect how people naturally communicate: through conversation. That’s why we’re excited to introduce AskAMA, a strategic tool designed to support chat-based interactions on your public website.

Why is AskAMA Crucial for Your Business?

Customer Experience Enhancement: Imagine your potential customers being able to find what they’re looking for without the frustration of traditional searching. AskAMA provides instant answers, improving the user experience and fostering satisfaction.
Support Specialists’ Efficiency: Your support team can focus on complex queries, leaving routine questions to AskAMA. This enables higher productivity and provides a solution to your customers’ most immediate needs.
Customized Search Solutions: With features like tailored file format support and the ability to instruct the crawler through chat, AskAMA offers a unique, user-friendly approach to web navigation.

What Makes AskAMA Stand Out?
1) Multiple File Format Support: Whether it’s a PDF, Word document, PowerPoint, or text file, AskAMA seamlessly search through files in various formats.
2) Easy Indexing: The admin of AskAMA can use chat to guide the crawler, simplifying the way files are indexed.
3) Flexible Hosting Options: Whether you prefer self-hosting or using Google Cloud, AskAMA adapts to your needs.

We’ve planned for the beta version of AskAMA to be released in the fourth quarter of 2023. This is more than another technological development; it’s a step toward a more accessible, efficient, and user-focused web experience.

To learn more about our approach and how embracing conversational interfaces can revolutionize the way your customers interact with your business, visit our LinkedIn article.

Don’t let your customers wait for the future of digital interaction. With AskAMA, make the future now.

AskAMA: Turning Questions into Answers, One Conversation at a Time.
AskAMA: Turning Questions into Answers, One Conversation at a Time.